• Empower volunteers to bring your mission to life.
  • Organize your Classes and Communicate in real-time.
  • Rally support for your winning team.

A Social Collaboration Platform for Organizations

Rallyhood is an open-API social collaboration platform that improves member and employee connectivity, communication, and collaboration.


Streamlined, Personal, Relevant communication


Right Content, Right People, Right time


Branded Mobile Experience at their Fingertips

Mobilize your Members to Engage and Take Action

rallyhood dashboard homepage


rallyhood homepage dashboard


This is the home page of your rally. Use our dashboard to see everything happening with your group in a glance. This is where you can provide your team with an overview of your rally’s focus and customize your messaging on the fly.

manage your calendars

Stay Up-to-Date

calendar event management


Share upcoming dates and events with everyone in the rally, and let others in the rally share events, too. Rallyhood makes scheduling events a simple task anyone can understand…Because being organized in one place rocks!

message management

Send Messages

group messaging


Don’t be shy – your Rallyhood message board is the place to share your ideas, updates, inspirations and more.

image gallery

Share Memories

image gallery for rallyhood


Say cheese! Rallyhood allows you to upload and share images from your events with all members of your group or organization. Bring your rally to life with photos of events, memories, updates and more.

sign up management software

Divvy Up Tasks

manage sign ups and volunteers


Rallyhood is perfect for organizing volunteers and group member signups. Keep track of who is doing what, divvy up tasks, and let everyone pitch in.

manage important files


file and document management


Does your Rally need to manage documents in order to maintain group tasks and information? Keep all of your documents handy with the Rallyhood document folders.


Raise Funds

manage donation services


Collect donations using the Rallyhood app. Rallyhood makes the fundraising process simple by providing a secure in-app donation collection process.

Three Reasons to Start a Rally

Cut Down on Stress & Chaos

Cut Down on Stress & Chaos

Feeling overwhelmed with emails and information overload? With countless tools online for managing calendar events, messages, photos, files, payments and more, it’s no surprise we feel disorganized and stressed out.

Everything You Need in One Place

Everything You Need in One Place

Rallyhood makes it easy to get your groups on the same page so you can divvy up tasks, track event signups, and share calendars, photos, files, messages and more through one simple dashboard. Plus, your privacy is guaranteed, so you can be sure your information will only be shared with the people you choose.

Social with a Purpose

Social with a Purpose

Rallyhood enables you to connect with your people towards a greater cause. So you can skip all the distractions, and spend the time where it really counts – making a difference through your small and big daily actions for the people you care about most.