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August 2016 Release Notes

New features for General Release

  • Ability to Flag Content (web only) - Users can now flag message wall posts, photos, and comments as inappropriate which results in the content going through a moderation process.
  • Pay/Donate tab suppressed - The Pay/Donate tab is no longer visible to Friends of a Rally if it has not been enabled for that Rally. It’s still visible to the Administrators of the Rally to set up an account.

New Features for Enterprise Clients

  • New Community Hub Design - This updated design is specifically for enterprise clients who utilize Rallyhood for healthcare and patient support. This feature must be enabled and configured.
  • New "Forum Rally" type – Forum rallies allow anyone to view content without being a member. Visitors are prompted to join when they want to contribute to the Rally. Forum Rallies are ideal for Peer Support Groups.
  • Email and web banner ads can now be placed by Category.
  • New "Explore Community" menu item is now an option for Rallies in Enterprise Communities.
Community Hub Redesign.png

UI changes and Bug fixes

  • Removed: Search Rallyhood icon removed from the header bar. Users can still use “Find Rallies” on the drop down menu next to the profile picture.
  • Updated: New presentation of the Search page is responsive, and indexes and displays all Rallies
  • Fixed: "View Calendar" link from My Reminders email
  • Fixed: Subscribe to calendar functionality
  • Fixed: Comment button on Message wall
  • Fixed: Gallery lightbox display on mobile
  • Fixed: "Go to My Inbox" link on direct message email
  • Fixed: Notification number on dashboard and Rally homepage match
  • Restored: Ability to change Community Category
  • Restored: Ability to delete Community files
  • Restored: Custom surveys in the "Start a Rally" flow