February 2017 Release Notes

Major Updates

We have removed the Rally Home Page so users are able to navigate to content faster. When logging into a Rally, users will now land on the Message Wall page and can go to any other section of the Rally by using the left-hand navigation menu. If a user follows a link to content from a Daily Digest (e.g. a photo or an event) they will still land on that content page instead of the Message Wall.

Minor Fixes and Updates:

  • FIXED: Admins/owners/content creators unable to delete, move or edit some files
  • FIXED: Flagged messages with photos attached are not flagged as inappropriate in the gallery
  • FIXED: Sporadic inability for some users to create calendar events
  • FIXED: Creating a new healthcare Rally gives an error after the second screen
  • FIXED: Mobile web, unable to cancel out of starting a new Rally
  • FIXED: iOS app, calendar showing all day events on the day of and following day