January 2017 Release Notes

Major Updates:

  • The calendar feature has been redesigned to fit on desktop and mobile screens and is easier to interact with. On desktop, users are now able to drag and drop events on the month view to change the date and can modify the duration of a multi-day event by click-and-dragging the edges.
  • Signups that a user has volunteered for on a specific day will now show on their calendar and trigger a My Reminder email.
  • Multi-day events will no longer trigger a My Reminder email every day.
  • The Rally Settings page is redesigned for easier use.
  • Enterprise Feature: Community logo placement has been redesigned for better display on desktop and mobile devices. The logo now always appears on a white or light gray background and is only located at the top of the screen.

Minor Fixes and Updates:

  • FIXED: Sort by date option in Files
  • FIXED: Clickable content at the bottom of mobile screens is no longer obscured by community branding
  • FIXED: Ability to add photos to an album in IE
  • FIXED: Photo comments are immediately removed when flagged
  • FIXED: Rallyhood login page intermittent error 500
  • FIXED: Error 500 on related links page when any link is broken
  • UPDATED: 255 character limit for event description, sign up list and item description removed
  • UPDATED: 8MB file size limit reinstated