March/April 2017 Release Notes

Major Updates:

  • Thumb Navigation – Users of the mobile website and the Android app will now navigate Rallyhood with a thumb navigation bar at the bottom of the screen instead of having to return to the main menu to explore their Rally.
  • Community News posts no longer live on the message wall. You can find them under the Resources menu item along with Links and Files.
  • Migrate to HelpScout – we are using a new vendor for our support ticket system, but you can still reach us all the same ways as before.
  • Bullets added to text editor for message wall posts
  • Better presentation for event detail pages with long description
  • API upgrades

Minor Fixes and Updates:

  • FIXED: Admins are unable to un-assign/re-assign volunteers for sign up items
  • FIXED: When former members request to join a Rally the notification email is not sent to admins
  • FIXED: Sending an invitation to a user with a pending invite does not re-send the invitation
  • FIXED: Past Rallyhood events not showing on third party calendars
  • FIXED: Spacing in Daily Digest and Notify Immediately emails
  • FIXED: Reset password email design
  • FIXED: Mobile web and Android app, top right ellipsis drop-down menus fall behind other page elements
  • FIXED: Link for photos in the Daily Digest requires the user to enter their email and password instead of just password
  • FIXED: Instances of “Translation Missing” appearing in the user interface
  • FIXED: In Daily Digest and Notify Immediately HTML code is showing on original message wall post when there is a comment on the message
  • FIXED: A handful of error messages throughout the site