Mobile Rallyhood Just Got Better

Major Updates:

This month we are making it easier for you to rally from anywhere with all new improved mobile browsing on your phone or tablet. Images are now optimized for small screen, text fields are easy to fill out and navigating is much more intuitive from any mobile device. No more “pinch and zoom” means its easier to send and read messages and find the information you need when you need it.





Additional Improvements

  • Improved navigation menu for desktop – we moved the Rally navigation menu to a vertical configuration on the left side of the page from the old horizontal navigation in the middle of the screen
  • Removed My Account page – now you can archive or un-archive rallies directly from the My Dashboard page
  • Added new Manage Rally page – this stand-alone page is available off of the main menu for all Rally Admins and Owners, and replaces the former “gear” icon on the Rally photo
  • Added ability for Community Admins to see the number of rallies per category
  • Added Sentiments to Comments on the Daily and Weekly Digest emails – you can now “like”, “send love”, or “thank” someone for their comment directly from the email

Bug Fixes

  • Expanded file search to find files that are attached to messages and events
  • Allowed bitmap file types (.bmp) in Photo Gallery
  • Fixed time text window for calendars on iOS mobile web so it does not cut off the time
  • Changed the placement of SignUps that include date/time in the Daily Digest from “Recently Added Events” to “Sign Up Lists Created”