October 2016 Release Notes

New Features for General Release

  • Rally friends can add comments to Community News posts that are published by the Community Administrator.
  • Message wall posts are automatically moved to the top of the message wall feed when someone adds a comment.
  • ENTERPRISE FEATURE: A new “Manage Rallies” page accessible from the Community Admin Tools which allows Community Owners and Administrators to view high-level information about every Rally in their Community and download as a CSV file.

Minor Fixes and Updates

  • Improved Message Wall search functionality
  • Improved error messaging when accessing Rallyhood from a mobile browser
  • Removed HTML code that was appearing in Daily/Weekly Digest Emails
  • First Daily Digest of a new Rally no longer counts the Rally Owner in the number of friends that joined
  • Fixed issue in My Calendar that caused an error when using List view
  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to post to message wall when using Internet Explorer (IE) Resolved an issue when editing an event and were previously unable to change am/pm